Mission Statement

Providing footwear and creating smiles for people in need.


Our Story

Changing lives one smile at a time.


After leading Washington Shoe Company to its 125th year anniversary, Rob Moehring and his two sons, Mark and Karl, wanted to make an impact to celebrate this milestone, so they launched the Wear A Big Smile Foundation. Spearheaded by the foundation's president, Mark Moehring, creating smiles is exactly what they do.

Together, they pursued a common passion of helping people with the goal of giving back to the community. They know a good pair of shoes can go a long way for someone in need.

"I've been forever changed by running this great foundation and have truly been blessed to meet such wonderful people," said Mark Moehring. "I'll never forget one kindergarten student who showed up at school wearing a pair of duct tape sandals in October. I see the impact and joy that people feel when receiving a new pair of boots."

The organization is located in the city of Kent, just south of Seattle, WA. The foundation was established in 2016.